Our homes carry these values. They run through each stone, tile and stucco. We believe that homes are a symbol of tradition, a haven to share moments and memories with the ones close to our hearts, to experience the beauty of fine living and to pave a pathway for the next generation.

About BUA Estate

BUA Estate is a part of a conglomerate of BUA Group’s real estate portfolio, which includes residential, commercial and mixed development in the polished areas of the Nigerian cities.

Established with a vision to build sustainable properties to cater to the growing demand in Africa’s real estate sector, our solutions combine functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal to create worthwhile experiences for clients and homeowners.

Our estates include BUA Hills, BUA Court, BUA Business Park, Abuja, BUA Towers, The BUA Place, Lagos and more.

Our team is led by real estate experts, developers and managers who ensure our methods align with internationally accepted standards and best practices. From estate management to property development, we commit to creating long-lasting value

Our Portfolio